Find Aftermarket Fog Lights for Genesis GV80 2023

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- Other Names: Bumper Cover Screw, Impact Bar Screw, Signal Lamp Screw, Wheelhouse Liner Screw, Sight Shield Bolt, Duct Upper Bolt, Fender Liner Screw, Rocker Molding Screw, Lower Cover Screw, Fog Lamp...

- Notes/Hyundai: Included With Shutter. Included With Air Duct. Included With Impact Bar. Included With Lower Grille. Included With Upper Grille. Included With Side Bracket. Included With Rocker Molding...

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- Unique Structural Design: Our short type-c to type-c cable uses FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) inside which makes the cable more durable and flexible than other similar items in the market. The short...

- Rapid Data Transfer: 4K 60Hz Video Signal Transmit. According to the USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard. This parameter is defined by the American USB Association: 10Gbps = 10 / 8GBps≈1250MBps( The units are dif...

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- Go-Parts Lifetime Warranty

- Other Part #s: 321-2044R-AC

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- Brightness: Powerful 60W LED light bar, high-quality Led chips and clear PC lens, this LED pod emits 6000k pure white light, effectively light up the dark road during night

- Combo beam: Appropriate combination of spot beam and flood beam for wide spread and further distance illumination;

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- upgraded brightness: 14pcs*3w high quality led chips at 6000k color temperature, flood beam light, illuminate your road clearly in the darkness, which will give you a more safe and comfortable driving...

- high performance: 1.9inch thicker housing design for an optimal cooling effect and safe operating temperature.portability and versatility with a tough, aluminum cover, tough shatterproof pc, protectiv...

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- Exact fit to OEM#: 92202-B1500 and Partslink#: HY2593167

- CAPA Certified (Passed stringent quality standards)

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- BRIGHT ENOUGH TO LIGHT UP YOUR ROAD: Advanced superior-quality 24pcs LED chips Emits bright YELLOW light, flood beam lets you see the left and right clearly at night.

- COME WITH WIRING HARNESS: Universal wiring harness kit is up to 12 ft with 2 leads for connecting 2 led lights under 180 W, easy to install.

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- Brightness: 9pcs*3W high quality LED Chips at 6000K Color Temperature, illuminate your road clearly in the darkness, which will give you a more safe and comfortable driving experience. The light bar c...

- High Performance:Portability and versatility with a tough, aluminum cover, tough shatterproof PC , Protective cover durable to withstand for any extreme usage condition

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- SUPER BRIGHT SPOT BEAM: High-quality LED chips emit bright white light; Concentrated spot beam illuminates to further distance

- ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING BRACKET: The pod can be adjusted to about 45 degrees, which makes changing direction of light beam easier

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Do not neglect your safety on the road! Fog is one of the most unpleasant weather conditions for drivers because visibility can drop to near zero. In these situations, your car's headlights will simply not be able to provide enough light. Install fog lights on your car and be prepared for the vagaries of nature.